Note: I am currently fully booked for spring, and am unable to take further custom orders at this time. Please follow butterbirdbakery_ on Instagram for updates and to snag flash sales too! :) 

Want to order some treats? You’re in the right place! All of my cakes and pastries are one-of-a-kind, meaning I don’t have a traditional “menu” and would love nothing more than to bake something for you that encapsulates a memory, a celebration, an emotion, a vibe, a color….let’s dream it together! 

To order, please fill out the contact form with your name, phone number, preferred date of pick up, and medium (cake, assorted pastries, assorted cookies, etc). If you have any specific allergies or dietary restrictions, please be sure to include that, as well. Same thing goes for flavors that you particularly don’t like (or do like!). I do my best to accommodate specific requests, and will communicate with you when I may not be able to meet that request (availability of quality, local ingredients changes quite a bit by season, and I try to ethically source my ingredients as best as possible under our current conditions). If you prefer a surprise, just say “surprise me!”.

6" cakes start at $65 and feed ~6-10 people;
8” cakes start at $75 and feed ~8-12 people; 
Assorted pastries start at $4/pastry.
Assorted cookies start at $2/cookie.

After contacting me, I will email you back with confirmation of being able to take on your request, and will send a quote and payment info. Orders are secured when payment is received; payment can be sent as early as you please, but no later than 24 hours before pickup.

Quotes may vary depending on particular ingredients (for example, vegan and gluten free ingredients are more costly, etc.)

At this time, I am unable to provide delivery or ship; I am pick-up only. The pickup address (on the northwest side of Chicago) will be shared upon confirmation of your order.

Orders can be taken up to a month out; 2 weeks-1 month is the sweet spot, and 48 hours is the minimum amount of time I need to secure an order. 

I offer occasional flash sales and fundraisers through the butter bird instagram account, so be sure to follow along at butterbirdbakery_ if you prefer the thrill of a time-limited sale!

Once orders are picked up, pastries are best eaten the day of pickup, and with cakes, for best texture and flavor, let the cake sit at room temp for an hour before eating. If refrigerated, a cake should be eaten within 4-5 days. If frozen, the cake can last much longer, but I suggest wrapping the cake in an air tight manner to avoid weird freezer burn flavors upon thawing and eating.

Ready to go? Awesome! Click the link below to send an order inquiry.


kat. she/they. chicago by way of wisconsin & michigan….by way of the lake and the woods, generally. baking & foraging since the mid 90s, give or take a few years for developing fine motor skills.

butter bird is my home bakery project born out of a deep reverence for nature, a lifelong sweet tooth, and my insatiable desire to just grab a handful of dirt and flowers and dig in.