Customer Reviews <3

“Kat is a truly innovative baker. She dreams up the most magical flavor and design combinations that I don’t see anywhere else, and executes with incredible care. I’ve now ordered two cakes and many pastry boxes from her, and it’s so difficult to pick my favorite items. What I can say with confidence is that the sweet/savory combinations are usually the biggest hits for me, often unexpectedly.” - Hanna

“Trying to figure out pandemic-friendly desserts for a small wedding dinner is not easy. Kat helped us strategize by creating individual desserts for each guest and also making a small cake for my partner and I to share. Calling it a success is an understatement. Kat’s work is so lovely and unique. Each dessert was flavorful and special. Kat is also great to work with as she will help you create a memorable dessert that is still within a budget.” - Matt

“The first time I encountered Kat’s work she had made a pistachio marzipan frog on a pea lily pad and I was so blown away by the creativity that I had to know her. Kat makes cakes and pastries that are not only wildly tasty but are also really freaking cool. I love looking at them! She comes up with flavor combinations that I never could imagine but once I try them it’s like “Oh yes, of course, this is brilliant.” The last time I got a cake, I cried because I couldn’t believe something so beautiful was all mine. I was almost hesitant to cut into it, but once I did, I cried again because I couldn’t believe something so delicious could exist.”  - Caitlin of Soup Club Chicago

“Eating Kat’s pastries on a log in the woods by their home really makes you appreciate the incorporation of nature they bring to their work. When my partner ordered me a birthday cake, the presentation brought me so much joy. The foraged goods decorating the cake marked the place and time when we enjoyed it and created a lasting memory of gratitude and ooey-gooey goodness. Kat truly creates a full experience inviting the visual and the palatable into one big beautiful forkful as delicious as it is beautiful.” - Nikki

“I ordered a burnt honey pie from Butter Bird to share with my tiny family on our stay-at-home pandemic Thanksgiving. Not only was it supremely delicious and thoroughly enjoyed by even my toddler who thinks food is better on the floor than in her mouth, our contactless pickup was easily arranged and seamlessly executed. Kat not only bakes with love, she bakes with purpose. I appreciate that Butter Bird Bakery regularly donates at LEAST a portion of their proceeds to support causes I can stand behind. Kat makes supporting community and human rights a literal piece of cake.” - Ruby

“When I celebrated my birthday in quarantine last year, I wasn't expecting much. But the cake Butterbird Bakery created - a beautiful, chocolaty, raspberry malted milk ice cream cake - made celebrating over zoom feel truly special. Kat is a master of flavors and you can feel the love and care in everything she makes. Enjoying that cake was truly a highlight of my year!” - Margaux

“Kat's baked goods are out of this world. She has this insane gift to combine unsuspecting flavors and create something truly magical. She pushes beyond the status-quo and challenges any consumer to be open minded to the possibilities of ingredient pairing and push beyond "traditional" flavors. Her croissants are so flaky and well made it's almost shocking to know they're hand rolled and proved inside her apartment's kitchen. Her cakes cannot be compared to others, they're carefully crafted and designed and no two will look the same. Kat's advocacy for the food industry shines through her product and not one person will ever regret purchasing an item through her.” - Keryn

“Kat's cake was easily one of the best desserts I have ever had. Not only are they incredibly kind and responsive, the quality of this cake was next level. We received a dark chocolate, pistachio cake and while those flavors may sound 'simple', this was anything but. You can tell lots of attention to detail and love goes into their craft and can taste it with every bite. Will absolutely be ordering again!“ - Hayley

“butter bird was so great to work with for a custom cake. I ordered a birthday cake with a dark color palette and unique flavor combinations with lots of fruit. Kat made me a stunning purple cake covered in flowers, herbs, dried fruit, and jam, with vanilla, sage and bayleaf sponge, dragonfruit Swiss merengue buttercream, and homemade cherry jam. We really appreciated the attention to detail and creativity in the flavors and design, plus the skill required to pull off so many baking techniques. And of course it was delicious! I don’t know anywhere else I can get baked goods like butter bird’s” - Mattison